Done so far

Pocket money
After an early introduction to construction, I spent time mixing concrete during high-school holidays

Academic scholar
I was “admitto tee’d” by the Archbishop meaning that I can get eventually get hitched in the Cathedral…

Staddlestone Designs
I started my first business, a timber-frame company when I was 17

Property development LSE
I rolled the profits into my 1st development whilst in my first year of university

Overseas development Battle scars
I fended off burglars whilst developing #2, sustaining a scar that would make Harry Potter proud

Tonecom E-commerce Payments
In 2005, I sold refurbished pre-pay cellphones online with a payment gateway we’d built ourselves (I’d later join forces with James to create Gablit)

Analyst Private Equity
Along with the rest of my graduating class, I embarked on finance career to discover junior finance was not quite as glamorous as Christian Bale had portrayed

London development Commercial High-end residential
I expanded my property development and investment business

Angel investor Startups
I invested in some startups and quickly learnt a lot more about my hobbies: food and motorcycles

Learning curve
I crashed a bike or two whilst getting a crash course in press relations

$3m houseboat Nauti II Buoys
In pursuing my own dreams I managed to fulfil someone else’s; building a floating penthouse on the Thames

Event graph Consumer product development Growth engineering Exit
I embarked on a journey to San Francisco, spent the formative months of our company with a famous hacker, visited The White House and went through amerger in 2013

Lean exercises Market research
Between college and today I’ve researched, tested and developed many ideas whilst living in Bucharest, France, London, LA, and of course SF: AirPnL, MoMo, Mise-en-Maison

I’ve also spent time helping a few startups in the US, Canada and UK including, #Paid, Thurston Reed

Digital Nomad

I’ve developed boats, buildings & businesses
Now I help companies grow

Thank you!

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Doing now

Marketing automation Data science Artificial Intelligence
Alongside some serious engineering talented led by my co-founder, we are building Popmetrics

Popmetrics engineers social growth. We want to reverse engineer the marketing stack and re-engineer the way SME’s grow

Evolving Lifestyle design
I’ve a fascination with personal improvement and a longing to be more effective

I’ve extensively experimented with exercise, fasting, diet and meditation and I’m learning how to lead a more balanced life

@teale_af on Medium

Asylum Foundation Giving back
My former discourse was to give back in my twilight years, however recently my position has changed and my involvement with Asylum is a starting point

We want to apply our marketing solutions to help increase awareness about specific causes and we’re using Asylum as a test case

@Paws_Asylum on the socials